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What is Transpersonal Coaching?

The search for answers outside takes us away from the place where the answers

are really to be found – within us. And that is exactly what I am doing with my

approach of transpersonal coaching - to focus on the only authority in your life, which is yourself.



What is Transpersonal Coaching?


Transpersonal coaching is a form of coaching that focuses on the spiritual and

transcendent aspects of a person’s life. Transpersonal Coaching integrates aspects of the body, mind and soul into a broader and holistic view of the human experience to help the individual explore their higher self and purpose in life.


As a transpersonal coach, I work with you to deepen your self-awareness,

expanding your consciousness and exploring your inner wisdom and

Intuition. I use different techniques such as meditation, visualization, shadow work,

Mindfulness and energy work to support you in your personal growth and

Transformation. The goal of transpersonal coaching is to help you to align with your authentic self, find meaning in life and live a fulfilling and spiritually connected life.


And yet, transpersonal coaching is not just about tools or techniques. It is more about the intention behind the intervention. As a transpersonal coach, I am not considered an expert for your experience, but act as an "assistant" on this extraordinary journey.


Essentially, I am a facilitator or guide who helps you find your own truth and your own process.



The difference between conventional coaching and transpersonal coaching


Traditional coaching methods usually involve a dialogue between a coach and a client and treat problems from a cognitive-behavioral perspective. This means that only the conscious problems addressed, while the unconscious causes remain unknown and/or unresolved.

Conventional coaching is based on conscious processing through questions, analysis and



Transpersonal coaching, on the other hand, works with unconscious processes where mot of our problems are to be met. However, this happens in a natural way.


This unique coaching approach helps you identify unconscious triggers and patterns,

your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and the resulting experiences.


Transpersonal coaching is not about "improving" yourself, but about connecting with the infinite resource that you are.


As a transpersonal coach, I pursue a holistic and integral approach to

Supporting your development and personal transformation. Everything you bring to a coaching session is valuable and represents an opportunity for your further growth.


Each session is an individually tailored process that takes place in the co-

creative space between me as a coach and you as a client.



How does transpersonal coaching work?


Transpersonal coaching uses an expanded/open state of awareness to go beyond an egocentric worldview. In my work with clients, I have often found that simply by creating an open awareness space, problems suddenly no longer have such a big impact.


Most of the time, problems persist because we are stuck in a fixed

attention mode (tunnel consciousness) in which we do see nothing else

buit the problem and therefore remain in the problem state. Open

Awareness is often enough to solve the problem, since the solution is usually obvious when we are in an expanded state of awareness.


My job as a transpersonal coach is to hold the space and guide you through transformative questions while supporting you in integrating new, expanded and resourceful perspectives back into your life. My approach usually involves a combination of guided meditation, deep looking at your emotions and transpersonal (beyond the self/ego) perspective.


The best transpersonal coach is not someone who knows the most or the smartest answers, but someone who can unconditionally hold the space so that the right questions and answers emerge spontaneously.


All you need to embody who you want to be is a small shift in consciousness, and that's where transpersonal coaching can help you.



How transpersonal coaching can help you


Although transpersonal coaching means going beyond the «I», it can help you not only with transcendental spiritual matters, but also with everyday challenges and problems.


In fact, the "everyday" things are often a gateway to the "spiritual" things.


And in my experience - to contradict myself a little - there is no difference between everyday and spiritual things, as they are human things. Transpersonal coaching is not about to become more spiritual or to leave the material world behind, but rather

to come into deep contact with one's own human experience, in whatever form

whatever they may appear.


In my personal approach of transpersonal coaching, we start where you and we will go as far as you are willing to go. By listening carefully and questions that wind their way through deceptions, you will not only be able to get to the root of your problems and gain transformative insights, but also to get in touch with who or what you really are.


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