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7 gifts of the highly sensitive woman

Can you think of moments in your life when you were called “too sensitive” or “too emotional”?

The lack of validation you have experienced in your life may have caused you to doubt yourself and neglect your intuition.

Our Western society puts reason on a pedestal and teaches us to ignore our instincts and feelings. But sensitivity is a skill, not a deficiency. The problem is that society and the people around us bombard us with messages that we are "too sensitive." This makes it difficult, especially for us highly sensitive women, to trust our bodies, our feelings, and ourselves. It makes it difficult for us to respond to ourselves in a way that helps us evolve and thrive.

But if we embrace our sensitivity and listen to our inner voice, we will be supported in setting healthy boundaries, attracting emotionally safe people into our lives, managing our emotions, and shaping life in a way that brings us joy rather than stress and anxiety.

What does it mean to be a highly sensitive woman?

According to US psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron, sensory processing sensitivity is a genetic trait. This means that if you are highly sensitive, your brain is more activated in the areas associated with perception and empathy. Your nervous system is more sensitive and processes emotional, physical and social stimuli more intensely. Highly sensitive people are very attentive to their surroundings and tend to notice the smallest changes in their environment. This can be overwhelming and lead to thoughts, feelings and emotions being too intense to process. Being highly sensitive can bring anxiety and additional stress to life, but it can also enrich life.

Highly sensitive people have unique skills that can help create a better, safer, more connected world.

The key to success for a highly sensitive woman is to understand why we react the way we do and to see our sensitivity as a gift, not a weakness.

Here are 7 remarkable gifts that many highly sensitive women can utilize - when they have the right resources and tools at their disposal and are able to live a life that is consistent with their truth and authenticity.

7 gifts of the highly sensitive woman

  1. Empathy: We often feel and know how others are feeling, and we can remain open and empathetic without feeling drained or burned out. We have the ability to be an incredible friend, family member, and partner. Part of our ability is that we take in other people's emotions and respond to them in a way that helps them feel seen and recognized in the midst of their pain. When someone close to us is suffering, they can find a safe haven in us.

  2. Compassion: We are able to connect with others on a deep level and we learn how to cultivate it for ourselves and others. Compassion is characterized by the wish for all people to be free from suffering and it is imbued with the desire to help.

  3. Intuition: Our self-awareness and ability to process bodily sensations help us have incredible intuition. We learn to recognize and tap into our intuition because we know it is a valid way of knowing.

  4. Spiritual connection: Expanded states of consciousness help us feel more connected and at peace and allow us to trust and surrender to life. Spirituality can help us find a deeper meaning in life so we can live a fulfilling life.

  5. Curiosity: Our flexible thinking enables us to find our way in the complexity of life. Where many people see things in black and white, we overcome dualistic thinking and approach situations and experiences with curiosity and without judgment.

  6. Listening: Because we are so curious and emotionally attuned to those around us, people sense our genuine support and emotional presence with us. We make room for another person's pain without trying to make the situation better out of our own discomfort or offering unsolicited advice.

  7. Leadership qualities: Due to our strong empathy, we have strong leadership qualities and feel able to accompany other people as a mentor, supervisor or coach.

To utilize these gifts of the highly sensitive woman, you must first reduce the sensory overwhelm in your life so that these qualities do not cause unnecessary stress and anxiety in your life.

Being mindful and gentle with yourself doesn't mean you're weak. It's a way to develop yourself.

As a highly sensitive woman, you may need a little more self-care so that these aspects of your personality can develop. That is why it is especially important for you as a highly sensitive woman that you treat yourself lovingly and mindfully.


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