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Coaching for highly sensitive women:
online or in person

Are you a highly sensitive woman? Do you struggle with overwhelm, anxiety, depression and burnout? Do you need support in setting boundaries or prioritizing your own needs and self-care? In my coaching sessions, we work together in a safe space to develop tools that will help you get back in harmony with yourself.

In which areas can I support you as a highly sensitive woman?

Far too many highly sensitive women drive themselves to exhaustion trying to keep up with "normal" life. But it doesn't have to be that way! Your high sensitivity is a true gift and a wonderful virtue that can greatly enrich your daily life.

Are you a highly sensitive woman? Are you struggling with emotional overload, anxiety, depression or burnout? Do you need support to set boundaries or prioritize your own needs and self-care? Are you ready to connect with your authentic gifts and life purpose? Would you like to learn tools and resources to thrive as a highly sensitive woman?


Here are some of the key areas where my coaching can support you:


  • Stress and anxiety

  • Depressions

  • Relationship problems (narcissistic, toxic relationships)

  • Cultivate self-compassion and prioritize self-care

  • Cycle problems (perimenopause/menopause)

  • Burnout

  • Spiritual crisis and spiritual awakening

  • Addictions

  • Negative thought patterns

  • Low self-esteem and self-acceptance

  • Dealing with difficult emotions

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Perfectionism

  • Integration of shadows or parts that you find difficult to accept


"Through the presence of the horses and Katarina, my issue was actually reflected and was ultimately able to heal with the support of everyone present. After this unique and peaceful session, I went back into myself to reflect and - if only to begin to understand how the magical power of the horse had affected me. I am infinitely grateful for this experience."

–Caroline Ö.–

How do the coaching sessions work?

Many women intuitively know that they are highly sensitive, but many do not know exactly what this means and to what extent their sensitivity affects their everyday life. Women often have the feeling that they are "just different" or that "something is wrong with them". That's why I often start by providing as much information as possible about high sensitivity to dispel common myths and stigmas.

As a transpersonal coach, the next step is to combine different approaches and perspectives. What sets this type of coaching apart from other approaches is the fact that the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of our reality are integrated and are a fundamental part of the coaching experience. Together we explore your personality as well as the spiritual and unconscious aspects of your human experience. In other words, we work with the whole person, and that includes:

  • the transpersonal or spiritual realms

  • Personality and personal psychology

  • The unconscious
    your past, present and future

Which aspects are part of the coaching?

In my 1:1 coaching sessions we delve together into one or more of the following aspects:

  • Shadow work
    The integration of the shadows and denied aspects of the self

  • The inner child
    Integration of past experiences and the inner child

  • Connection to the self
    Cultivating the connection with our core and our authentic self

  • Spiritual Crisis & Awakening
    Re-framing times of crisis or struggle as part of our psycho-spiritual journey

  • Find meaning and purpose
    Exploring values, missions and life goals – what gives me meaning?

  • Life transitions
    Exploring the challenges that arise during times of life transition

What coaching is offered?

My coaching sessions take place online or in person, with or without horses. Horses are also highly sensitive and with their presence they help us to be grounded and support us in immersing ourselves in the present moment. They live in the here and with their strong yet gentle presence they touch us in every encounter. The coaching sessions with horses take place at my home in beautiful Lampenberg, Switzerland.

I support and accompany you in a safe and compassionate space and give you tools and resources that will help you to get back in tune with your authentic self.

I also offer free initial consultations. The aim of the call is to find out whether there is chemistry between us and how I can best support you.

Anker 1

1:1 Coaching Online

60 minutes
Online Coaching via Zoom

CHF 150


1:1 coaching in person
with horses

60 minutes
Coaching with horses

CHF 175


1:1 coaching in person 
without horses

60 minutes
Personal coaching without horses

CHF 150

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