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I fell off my horse

Coaching for highly sensitive women

Being highly sensitive is a personality trait that is expressed through an intense perception of stimuli – it can feel like swimming in an endless sea of sensations.

Welcome to my website where you will find lots of information about high sensitivity, a test for an initial self-assessment and the opportunity to arrange a holistic coaching session with me to fulfill your deep-rooted need for calm and self-care.

As a coach, I support your sensitive being on a journey into the healing of your soul. I offer coaching sessions tailored to your needs, online, in person with or without my horses, in beautiful countryside Lampenberg, in Switzerland.

My services


"I fell off my horse"

"I fell off my horse" symbolizes the fall into the depths of our being. This fall can be liberating and empowering - if you learn to draw strength from the fall and pick yourself up again.


As a transpersonal coach, I support highly sensitive women to cope with emotional overload and empower them to thrive. 

During my time as a coach, I was able to support numerous women in putting their own needs first. Below are a few selected testimonials. Many thanks to everyone who shares their story so openly:




What others say about me

"Kati masterfully held space for me and allowed me to run with what I needed in that moment. Kati’s calm presence and guidance was precisely what I needed and I’m so grateful for that. 

Kati, you are a wonderful coach and I love working with you, so thank you!"

Karen H. 

"As a highly sensitive woman, it is difficult for me to deal with conflicts and negative emotions in relationships. Katarina has been really helpful in guiding me to understand myself better and to move forward with more openness and confidence. She is incredibly warm, kind and easy to talk to. I feel lucky to have met her."

Annie P.


A place for sensitive women!

I believe that the world could use a little more of what highly sensitive women have to give. 

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