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How can a coach for highly sensitive people help you?

As a transpersonal coach, I specialize in coaching highly sensitive women. In my coaching sessions, which can be short or long term, we work together to find ways to empower you to tap into your authentic gifts and thrive in your highly sensitive trait. To do this, we develop an awareness of your core beliefs, values and goals.

We will conduct exercises to develop a conscious sense of self so that you can engage with the parts of yourself that are struggling with fear, overwhelm, or other difficult emotions. As a result of the coaching sessions , you will begin to develop more self-compassion and integrate mindful awareness into your daily life.

My coaching is about helping you tap into a higher source that allows you to connect with your life's purpose. As a highly sensitive woman, you may struggle with difficult challenges - I know this very well. And I now know that it is precisely these difficult challenges that often lead us onto a path of deeper healing and transformation.

What does “highly sensitive” mean and why might highly sensitive people need coaching?

It is estimated that around 20-30% of the population is highly sensitive. Being highly sensitive means that we process information deeply, have a high level of empathy, are sensitive to subtleties in our environment, and tend to become overstimulated in overwhelming situations. In my experience, it also means that as highly sensitive people, our emotional world is deep and complex and we experience strong emotions that can be described as both positive and negative.

As highly sensitive people, we have the ability to really thrive in life, and research also shows that we respond very well to interventions - better than someone who isn't highly sensitive. This means that coaching is a really effective way for us to heal and transform the parts of ourselves that may be struggling, and empower us to reach our authentic potential.

There are everyday things we struggle with as highly sensitive people - we tend to struggle with emotional overload - often feel stress, anxiety and burnout, we often need support setting healthy boundaries, and we tend to be perfectionists or lack self-compassion. I've found that many of us who had difficult childhoods suffer from a wounded inner child or have parts of ourselves that we need to heal and integrate.

How can coaching help you?

Coaching for highly sensitive people begins with exploring our inner world so that we feel more empowered to be the authentic selves we were born into this world to be. It is also about developing tools and resources that we can use in our daily lives - especially in our relationships with other people. HSP coaching is also about creating a life that is aligned with our authentic nature and connected to our deeper soul purpose and calling. This is so important for highly sensitive people because without this deeper sense of purpose and connection, we can feel hopeless and disempowered and struggle to make sense of our experience.

How is HSP different from other types of coaching?

It is so important to have a coach who acknowledges and understands the experience of being highly sensitive. I have found that without this knowledge or awareness, many coaches, therapists or mentors dismiss our life experience or don't really understand what it means. It is so important that our experience is heard, seen and validated and this is one of the main reasons why HSP coaching is so important. HSP coaching is centered and led by you - as a coach, I am simply a guide who provides a sacred vessel in which your transformation can take place.

Transpersonal coaching is about recognizing that we are on a psycho-spiritual journey of individuation, which is about connecting with our inner self and realizing that everything we need is already within us . Transpersonal coaching is also about integrating the spiritual dimension and working on all levels of our being - integrating experiences that we cannot always comprehend, such as experiences of spiritual awakening or connection with the Divine.


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